Five Favorite Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is one of those products that you might often keep in your cabinet but only reach for it on occasion.  Truth is, coconut oil is amazing and can be used in a TON of different ways!

Did you know that coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral?  Coconut Oil can be consumed in proper dosages, used for cooking, baking and more!

Let’s highlight my TOP 5 Favorite Uses for Coconut Oil!

Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Solution!  In moderation only, I must warn.  You’re not going to slather this on baby’s bottom.  Get some of the oil on your hands, I recommend rubbing your hand/fingers together and lightly applying to baby.  If it’s dripping down baby’s skin then you’re using way way too much!  You’ll want baby’s bottom to feel moisturized, as if you’d just rubbed in some lotion.  Proper application is essential for making it cloth diaper safe.
Massage Oil!  Ok, so who has time for massages when you have kids?  I used to.  Now I only get a massage from my husband when my back is so sore that I can’t stand it.  It’s an awesome moisturizer, basically unscented, and works great.
Sun burns!  Being a Florida family, we’re constantly battling sunburned skin.  we’ve found the mositurizing and anti-inflammatory properties to be the best sunburn remedy.
Nipple Cream!  Perfect for nursing mothers who’d like a treatment for sore and chapped nipples that will also be safe for baby.  It’s anti-fungal properties is great for preventing yeast/thrush, a common problem for lactating moms and their babes.
Cradle Cap!  Cradle Cap is essentially dry and flaky skin, specifically in and around baby’s hairline.  Just a little coconut oil massaged in the the affected areas will moisturize and treat the condition.

Other awesome uses to note:  Makeup Remover, Hair Conditioning Treatment, First Aid (apply to scrapes and cuts), Eczema, Toenail Fungus Treatment and more!

So what do you think?  Do you use coconut oil?  What’s your favorite application for it?

This post has been contributed by Julie, the Cloth Diaper Geek.

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Julie Clark, The Cloth Diaper Geek, is the mama to three crazy kids. She's a cloth diaper advocate and also the owner of She Thinks Media.
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One Response to Five Favorite Uses for Coconut Oil

  1. Melissa Hunter says:

    I love to use coconut oil every night as my make-up remover/face cleaner (which subsequently moisturizes my face). I always pat it of with a very warm, wet washcloth. I also,
    use it to deeply condition my hair. Just leave it in for half an hour to an hour, once or twice a week. And of course for baking or making my own granola.

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