Baby Food Guilt

SO… my little man will be 6 months old next week! Oh How time flies! After fighting him off of our plates for a few weeks now we decided it was time to introduce some baby food. He is showing all the signs of being ready. He tried it. And he LOVED it! In fact he can’t get enough of it as you can see in this video.

Honestly, I am thrilled that I will be nursing less, he will sleep better, and  my husband can take over some of the feedings.

So why you ask do I feel guilty?

Because everywhere I turn I hear about how “good” breastfeeding moms hold off solids as long as they can. Some for the entire first year. I hear “Breast is Best.” Don’t introduce that inferior mush when you have the good stuff.

Once you breastfeed you instantly become part of this exclusive, super club. I have all these nursing sisters out there. Though now that I am introducing solid foods, I worry I will be demoted to junior member. I am not hard core or dedicated enough to be a full fledged member – at least not any more. My first instinct is to hide, in shame, the fact that 2-3 times a day I crack open a jar of baby food.

But then I realize how stupid that is. I know that I am not a bad mom! I am a GOOD mom. Hell, I’m a GREAT mom. I’m not poisoning my baby. I’m still nursing him 6 times a day so he gets all the good stuff. He has never had formula (not that that would be horrible either). It is all about what is best for you and your baby. And for us – that is breastfeeding with some baby food mixed in. It makes for a happier mom, happier, more involved dad and a VERY VERY happy baby.

Do any other breastfeeding mom’s feel that same bit of shame when you slip your baby some baby food?

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I am the babywearing, cloth diapering, eco-friendly mom behind Earthy Crunchy Mama, which grew out of my desire to create a healthier life for my children. However my most important job is Mom to 2 beautiful boys, Cole (3) and Max (1). When I am not spending time with my boys, I am working right here on Earthy Crunchy Mama.
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6 Responses to Baby Food Guilt

  1. Robin says:

    Here’s a confession from an “old” mom—my babies are 20 and 23 years old!!! and here it is: they were bottle fed from day one!!!! and my son had his first solid food at 8 weeks (very soupy cereal)!!! They both slept through the night from 6 weeks on (8-10 hrs.) and took 2 naps per day and they were very very healthy babies and toddlers. My son had one ear infection at age 2 1/2. I was never a part of the breastfeeding club…I knew it just wasn’t right for me. It was a decision I made and to this day I am quite comfortable with. I have no regrets. No Shame. I know the breastfeeding gods would disagree, but I totally agree with you that we must do what’s best for us and our babies. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way and my children are proof that formula fed babies are equally as healthy as breast fed babies. So no shame, no guilt…baby food is for feeding babies :) And, you are a GREAT mom!!!

  2. Heather B says:

    You have to get the book “Baby-led Weaning”! It’s wonderful! It’s the natural transition to introducing solids to babies. You can completely skip the jarred baby foods! I only wish I had found this book sooner. I’m just about finished reading it and I’m learning so much, even on my 3rd kid! Cutler never liked baby food, but I like the idea of going straight to table food and skipping the jars all together!

  3. Ericka says:

    All three of my children were/are breastfed. The boys were much easier than my daughter, who would not latch on, so I, for 10 months, exclusively pumped milk every 2 or 3 hours to feed her. I had this guilt that I was not trying hard enough to get her on my breast. I felt bad that from the time she was a week old she was given a bottle! She started solids around 6 months and did great! My son latched on right away. He never saw a bottle until he was 11 months old and he went to stay with my parents while we moved here. The transition was hard! We also held off solids until he was 8 months old because of a severe gag reflex. He only eats fruits and veggies now. My third child is only 8 weeks old and we have started giving him a bottle already. It was such a struggle with the other boy that we decided to start earlier, so, in my spare time, I pump and daddy gets a turn at feeding! I do not plan to hold off solids for him. Every child is different and every mom is different. It s what you are most comfortable with. If your son is fine with solids, then feed him solids! Chances are his digestive system is mature enough to handle it….and it gives mommy a little break! :)

  4. Jenn says:

    Thanks! I’m so glad that I’m not alone. You are right, it gives him good daddy time. They love there meals together! And he is SO much happier when he has eaten a good meal of baby food. He can’t get enough. So time to relax happy baby = happy mommy! How’s your new addition? How is the cloth diapering going?

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